Bird Mountain Journeys

The name "Bird Mountain" is short for Thunderbird Mountain. This mountain maintains the spirit of the thunderbirds. It honours the Algonquin people and remembers the spirits of the Old Ones - our ancestors - who have inhabited this landscape since time immemorial. Teachings from the Old Ones have revealed this high place is an ancient spiritual site; a sacred medicine place of power called a thunderbird nest. Upon your journey I explain what this traditionally means and I share why this mountain is so culturally important. 

I am a seasoned guide and a thunderbird (a traditional bird shaman). Years ago I was hired as a scout to find and create a hiking route through a pristine nature preserve in the Madawaska Highlands called the Griffith Uplands ANSI - an "Area of Natural and Scientific Interest" - designated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. (In my view a "C" needs to be added to the acronym making it an ANSCI  - an "Area of Natural, Scientific and Cultural Interest" too!) This area remains Algonquin Territory today. Working alone I trusted the spirits of the land and found a way. I mapped my path and blazed a trail. After months of inspired work I completed the wilderness trail which today is the most spectacular in Eastern Ontario. In all seasons we now follow this trail to the top of Bird Mountain. Here we experience the majestic views and we absorb the good medicine of the land and the teachings of the thunderbirds. As we embrace this precious place it gives us priceless gifts: We gain wonder, awe and a profound sense of inner personal peace.

Because I am an Algonquin-M├ętis thunderbird, knowledge keeper, teacher and storyteller my journeys are highly experiential. As a participant you will learn traditional legends, knowledge, teachings and stories. You will have a unique chance to learn about the thunderbirds and the ancient ways native to this territory. I bring people to Bird Mountain to help them connect with the Spirit of Nature. I also guide personal Great Bird Walks  to enlighten people about spiritual beliefs connected to the earth and the sky and everything sacred in between. Long ago our ancestors taught us that human well-being is attained by living in intentional harmony with Mother Earth and all the wild spirits of the land; the elements, trees, plants, animals, birds, ancestors and all the wonderful things encompassed by the four directions. We're all Native to the Earth.

Bird Mountain Journeys bring you to really see and explore the most enchanting places in Eastern Ontario's Highlands. We go to spectacular locations and other thunderbird nests known only to myself and a handful of people. In addition to providing guided wilderness hikes and wellness walks in the spring, summer and autumn, in the wintertime I also offer wilderness snowshoeing and nordic backcountry skiing.

Bird Mountain Journeys are healthy, light-hearted and highly enjoyable! I guide individuals, couples and groups. At times short sections of the trail can be challenging but my journeys are not strenuous whatsoever. But it's best to have an average level of health and fitness in order to participate. We go at a relaxed pace so everyone will experience the spirit and gifts of this beautiful land.

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