Tim Yearington Shamanism: Teachings, Stories Practices, Courses

            Old Shamanism On the Land


Long ago shamans utilized "power places" outside on the land. Here they practiced ancient shamanism ways with the guidance of spirits to help people. But Christianity nearly eliminated all of these ancient shamanism methods. Luckily, old shamanic ways are coming back to help us with the guidance of our ancestors. As a shaman myself, I strive to teach and empower people by helping others learn how to do shamanism for personal growth. My role is to teach you the shamanism practices I've learned.

With my courses you'll learn to practice personal shamanism. You'll learn the profound shamanic knowledge, teachings and ceremonies I first had to learn how to do myself upon my own trail in life. You'll learn ways to embrace The Great Bird within all of us. You'll discover the benefits of using the thunder and lightning within you - the power of your very own spirit - for spiritual healing, life balance, happiness and overall well being.

Bird Mountain in Ontario's Highlands is where we go upon the completion of your course. Visiting this wilderness area to do your vision quest is a fantastic traditional way to gain direct guidance and real, practical insights into your own world. This spiritual knowledge will then be used to assist your journey of personal healing, inner growth, change and transformation.

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