Thunderbird Rock of the Kitchizibi

Kwey, Kwey! (Hello!) My Algonquin name is Grey Thunderbird. Where I come from a thunderbird in human form is a shaman. 

I am a mixed-blood Métis-Algonquin person and a descendant of the Kitchizibi. Kitchizibi means, "Great River" which today is known as the Ottawa River. My ancestors lived on the Kitchizibi  close to the ancient medicine site of Oiseau (Bird) Rock which in Algonquin is called "Pinesi-Asin" meaning Thunderbird Rock.

This sacred rock is traditionally known as a "thunderbird nest". It is a place of power because thunderbirds (shamans) journey here still to seek vision and practice thunderbird medicine work. Christianity nearly eliminated our ancient thunderbird practices. So, thunderbirds are those who work to enlighten and empower people and help them return home to our original spirituality.

As a thunderbird I teach people about the power of our ways. Out on the land I share the traditional knowledge, wisdom and spiritual teachings I learned to use myself from my ancestors.

Bird Mountain in Ontario's Madawaska Highlands is a medicine place where I bring people to learn about the thunderbird nest, the vision quest and the wild nature of shamanism. Thunderbird teachings and ways of knowing will help you realize wonderful things upon your learning journey into Algonquin knowledge.

My new book, Quest for the Thunderbird Nest: Returning to Algonquin Spirituality, is the true story of my personal path. It is a testament to the great benefits of thunderbird teachings. It will be published soon and will be ready by the fall of 2018. 

For more information please contact me with any questions. 

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