Tim Yearington Shamanism and The Great Bird

Medicine Ways for Healing Our World

                Traditional Shamanism

"When the first thunderbirds came to Earth there were no trees. All they found was stone. So, they used what they had. In their talons they picked up big rocks and carried them up to the high places where they built great stone nests. And from their nests they saw their whole sacred World was all around them."  


Traditional shamanism originated in the circumpolar taiga forest regions of paleolithic Eurasia known today as Siberia. When the last Ice Age melted away around 14,000 years ago, prehistoric peoples from Eurasia migrated over the land-bridge of Beringia.

Of course with them came their ancient ways of life; traditional beliefs and the practices of their spiritual leaders - the shamans. This is how the ways of "bird shamanism" came to be here on Turtle Island (North America). And this is why bird shamanism is the native root  of Indigenous traditional spiritual knowledge. Since shamanism is a native way of life to many cultures of the World we must remember: "We're ALL Native to the Earth." All of us on Earth are entitled to learn and use bird shamanism.

Here in Ontario Algonquin Territory a thunderbird  is essentially a shaman - a spiritual guide who helps people learn, grow and heal. Traditionally thunderbirds do vision quests at remote high places on the land to get answers from manitous: The Spirits. 

Thunderbirds utilize nests - places of power - in the wilderness. Here they practice shaman medicine ways with the assistance of the spirits to guide our human reality. But Christianity nearly eliminated our thunderbirds/shamans. Today's thunderbirds are here as helpers; to guide and encourage people by sharing the  healing and wellness ways of our ancestors to better our world.

My spirit name is Grey Thunderbird. I'm a shaman and a guide. I strive to help people see how traditional shamanism teachings can aid us all with personal healing, growth and empowerment. Doing a vision quest gives us clarity, inspiration and hope for a better world. As your helper I take you to Bird Mountain in the wilderness. Here you'll learn traditional bird shaman ways to help you with personal healing, change and life transformation.


With me you'll learn how to use the traditional bird shamanism practices and ways I first had to learn how to embrace and use myself on my own healing journey. You'll learn to use the good medicine of the natural thunder and lightning within you - the power of your own spirit - to bring healing, balance, happiness, personal peace and overall well being directly into your world.

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