Ways and Practices

Shaman ways are about helping people through personal storms. On the path of life shaman ways can greatly assist people with change; change for the better. The ways and practices I provide in my work help people upon their own journey of personal learning, growth, healing and transformation. My work is done inside my lodge or outside on the land. I lead Medicine Walks to various sacred sites in the wilderness and I also guide Vision Quests  atop Bird Mountain in Ontario's Madawaska Highlands. Here's a list of the various shaman ways and practices I provide:  

Bird Shamanism Teachings

Algonquin Spiritual Ways

Traditional Knowledge

Owning Your Four Worlds

Finding Your Thunder

Shamanic Guidance

Spiritual Support

Emotional Stabilization 

Guided Spirit Journeys 

Spirit Flights with Drumming

Storytelling and Legends 

Spirit/Power/Helper Animals

Medicine Walks on the Land

Vision Quests at Bird Mountain

Human Spirit Compass Ways

Bird Shamanism Practices

Medicine Wheel Teachings

Thunderbird Teachings

"The Bird Course" Workshops

Empowerment for Life Changes

Ceremonies and Rites of Passage

Assistance/Answers from Ancestors 

Tool Making for Shamanic Use

  Books on Traditional Knowledge

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