Thunderbird Nest Shamanism Book

Quest for the Thunderbird Nest: Returning to Algonquin Spirituality is my true story about discovering the wonders of the thunderbirds and ancient shamanism. This book is a great way to start your learning journey about thunderbirds and the traditional practices of bird shamanism. It is 6" x 9" with 335 pages, colour photographs and illustrations. To order a copy please contact me directly. The price is $25 plus postage. (The cost of postage varies depending on where you live.)

This book is a true life tale about the good medicine of the thunderbirds. Is is the deeply personal account of an adoptee who had been receiving strange, shamanic intuitive clues to his forgotten and lost ancestral roots ever since he was a boy.

While seeking out hints to his suspected Indigenous identity, guidance about his greater life purpose appeared instead. Old thunderbird knowledge began to be revealed to him in a series of visions about the existence of a mysterious mountain. His visions also included the actual, earthly steps he would need to take if he stood a chance of actually making it up there.

By acting upon the inspirations of his visions and by following through, spirits of thunderbird shamans began coming to him. Presenting themselves to him as the 'Old Ones', he believed his Algonquin ancestors were helping him to find his way. And so began his lengthy traditional schooling about the enlightening and empowering nature of the thunderbird shamans and their life changing medicinal role.

Upon being informed, "The weakest people need the strongest medicine," he accepted that he struggled emotionally and was perpetually pining for peace. But with the benevolent aid of the thunderbirds, he at last followed the trail up the mountain. Now at the top he finally discovered the sacred high place of the lost thunderbird nest. And upon seeing that everything he'd learned helped him to know the truth, he was finally able to realize his very own and accept his greater role as a thunderbird shaman. 

Quest for the Thunderbird Nest is a testimony to the wondrous powers of Algonquin spirituality and bird shamanism in helping us heal to become healthier and happier human beings.