Thunderbird Nests

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Thunderbird nests are real, physical locations used for spiritual healing. My journeys bring you out into nature where I reveal how these sacred, natural "places of power" are harnessed. Thunderbird nests are utilized to obtain personal power in the form of vision, direction, guidance and healing in life. They are also utilized to assist with personal shapeshifting and the spiritual processes needed for positive life transformation. 

At a stone thunderbird nest you will experience a highly natural yet spiritual place that gives you great power. Here you'll learn thunderbird medicine teachings to assist you upon your healing journey. You'll learn how to access the wisdom of wild animal helpers, the guidance of nature spirits and even the spirits of your own ancestors. You'll learn about the "vision quest" for personal answers and direction. A thunderbird nest helps you attain personal balance and well-being in your life.  

My own healing includes the spiritual work I have done at the great stone thunderbird nest at the top of Thunderbird Mountain. As a result, my seasoned medicine work as a thunderbird (shaman) is rooted upon a rock solid foundation of traditional teachings, thunderbird medicine ways, healing practices and ceremonies. My work aids and supports people through their emotional evolution and spiritual transformation resulting in positive changes, growth and healing. 

Thunderbird nests are wonderful places where personal enlightenment and empowerment happens to help people upon the Path of Life. My healing work and ceremonies are all done outside on the land. I work with individuals, couples and small groups. Please contact me for more detailed information.