Thunderbird Mountain Tours

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Thunderbird Mountain Tours are unique wilderness adventure experiences. All year long I offer guided hikes, spirit walks and healing journeys up the very trail I created myself to the spectacular summit of Thunderbird Mountain in Ontario's beautiful Madawaska Highlands. 

The picturesque view at the top of the mountain is incredible! This rocky crest is a traditional sacred site called a thunderbird nest which is a spiritual "place of power" still used today by human "thunderbirds" who are shamans and medicine people.

On my tours I share thunderbird knowledge and I enlighten people about the  guiding role of the thunderbird as a bird shaman. I explain the special purpose of the thunderbird nest and how it used for spirit flights, vision quests and medicine work. I use the thunderbird nest as a shaman myself and I teach shamanism to people interested in learning more.

Thunderbird Mountain is a spectacular place with an awesome view all times of the year. Nature is truly the best medicine! A journey with me to the top is a rewarding, inspirational, exciting and healthy outdoor experience! To arrange your personal tour please contact me directly for dates and fees.

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