The Thunderbird Nest

Outside atop a high place in nature, on a hill or on a mountain, people known as "thunderbirds" (bird shamans) once built and regularly used a sacred site called a “thunderbird nest”. Today a thunderbird nest is still seen to be a real, physical “place of power” upon the Earth for spiritual practices and ceremonial usage whereby people can attain insight and vision, find purpose and meaning and therefore gain healing to help them personally upon the path of life.

The thunderbird nest is considered to be a place of "energetic power" because it is here we can still consciously find and focus on "power”; the power both exterior to people and the power interior to people. The nest is where exterior power comes directly to us to become interior personal power; the power inside us – our very spirit.

This earthly power is positive (+) in nature. The positive "plus sign" is an old symbol representing the different powers of the four directions of East, South, West and North. However, it is at the cross, the very centre, of the plus symbol where the energies or powers of the four directions join and merge together. And as an addition sign, it reveals that power exterior to us is "added" (+) to the interior of us. Our power accumulates. We grow and become powerful, creative human beings.

Positive power exterior to us is the very energy that "re-charges" the real personal power that exists interior to us. This power resides inside the vital core of our being, our very spirit. When we feel emotional, low, down, or weak it’s because our spirit has been drained. In essence our spirit, our inner energy or power, has been depleted. When we truthfully face, know and accept our spirit is drained we can take action. We can intentionally go back to the land, back to the direct “power source” outside upon the Earth – the nest – to replenish our energy, power and spirit.

Some people may simply call going outside onto the land a form of relaxation and casual recreation. However, intentionally returning to our natural source of our power is truly an act of natural "re-creation". Here we re-create our energy anew. We actually recharge the vital interior source of our own natural, human power. At a thunderbird nest we can actually revitalize our human spirit. As a result we attain well-being.

The thunderbird nest is physically a “place of power” for personal usage where we embrace our four human worlds; 1) Emotional, 2) Physical, 3) Spiritual, 4) Mental. As a circle these four worlds encompass the conscious coming together of the positive (+) aspects/energies/powers or "spirits" of the four directions (East, South, West, North). When exterior power comes, meets and merges at the very centre – the fifth world inside the nest – it is added (+) to our own spirit at our central core. Our spirit. Thus the person situated at the centre of the nest is the recipient of this natural power and therefore becomes "empowered".

Going to a stone thunderbird nest for personal, spiritual use is done to recharge our power; our natural energy, our inner electricity and human spirit. Like the container of an electric battery, the central core of the nest is a place where "power" from all the spirits of the four directions in nature is consciously gathered, concentrated and stored for our earthly human use. Inside the nest natural energy or power in all four forms (emotional, physical, spiritual and mental) is condensed and can be focused into the core of the person's own interior being (their spirit) first for personal use to help them upon their path in life. After that, this positive power can be embraced and shared in a natural "good medicine" way for exterior use for others too.

The thunderbird nest is literally a "place of power" where we as humans can consciously connect with the real, physical, earthly energetic powers of nature and all the helpful spirits of the four directions. Inside the nest is where positive power is focused. As a result natural, positive energy comes from all the directions exterior to us and is focused as "medicine" within our critical core, at our very centre, and stablizes within our own human spirit. We leave the nest "re-charged" of energy, "re-created" and full of renewed positive power to consciously and creatively employ upon our path in life and within our very world.

Once we come to know we have this great and natural power existing inside us, we can intentionally use the "good medicine" of this power in an “inward” positive way to help ourselves find vision and purpose in life. We can also use this great power to help us grow, heal, find balance and well being. The result is we become "empowered" as human beings. And then we can next use our inner positive personal power directly in an “outward” way beyond us to help others upon the path of life too.