The Great Bird

"We're all Native to the Earth."

Bird shamans learned ages ago our Way of Life was inspired by living in harmony with our native Earth; the spirits of elements, plants, animals, weather and the seasons. Out on the land, shaman-made stone circles and places of power - indicated by millennia old red-ochre pictographs around our whole World - inspired shamans to share the all important, life-sustaining, natural truths we still need to know to live smart and be well. But the spiritual control of Christianity saw to it that shamans, and anyone else who challenged the Church's superiority, were labeled and judged as heretics and then killed. The fit practices and down to Earth teachings of native shamanism was in the way of Christian control.

Shaman teachings from the land help us to realize what matters most: We're all Native to the Earth. Therefore, to help us find our way again, we're all entitled to seek vision and medicine atop Bird Mountain to help us gain more emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellness. In seeing our true self from a higher "bird's eye view" we'll see our whole Human World at once. This vision can help us to know if we are out of balance and motivates us to improve/fix/heal our own Human World.

Shaman ways are becoming much more meaningful in today's modern and technological world. They can help us with "mental health" issues (which are often emotional  issues) such as fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, apathy and "feeling lost". The wholistic health and wellness benefits of old bird shamanism teachings and the vision quest have a tremendous potential to help us find our way again all over the Earth.

Increasingly important to see today, bird shamanism helps reveal the benevolence of our deeper humanity. Since the dawn of "being human" the beings of animals and ancestors have been great spiritual teachers. Shamans give us the chance to realize the earthly wisdom our planet's own teachers have to share. To heal our own ill Human World we need to take action knowing we are supported by ONE: Our Native Earth.

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