Thunderbird Medicine and Shamanism 


The term "thunderbird medicine" is about the practices of shamanism. There's often confusion about what shamanism is and what a shaman actually does. In Algonquin territory the equivalent to a shaman, or the "birdman" type of personality, was originally called a thunderbird. Using the sacred element of red ochre, a thunderbird or shaman would paint their personal bird mark at the medicine places of power they traveled to and used in their communication with ancestors and the Spirit World.

A thunderbird (bird person/shaman) works with manitous: the spirits of ancestors, birds, animals, plants, elements and weather in a manner to help people heal, grow and get well by removing unnecessary negativity from their lives. So the purpose or medicine work of a thunderbird is to revitalize a person’s higher bird-like state of consciousness to aid in the improvement of a person's overall well-being. A thunderbird brings the medicine of lightning (enlightenment) and thunder (empowerment). A thunderbird helps people to change using the nature of change itself.

Our practices work with spirits (manitous) and medicines to aid people emotionally and spiritually. In this way, the natural medicine for a "low like a snake" emotional state is a "high like a bird" spiritual state. If a person is suffering emotionally but doesn't yet believe they even have a spiritual state to guide them, then it’s important to help them learn how to find and follow their own spirit to help them upon the trail of life.

The practices of traditional "thunderbird medicine" help people change for the better. A person’s own spiritual state helps to stabilize their own emotional state. In this way people learn to balance themselves right in the middle. Thunderbird medicine helps us to see, know, embrace and utilize the power of the "Great Bird" we have within us – our very spirit. 

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