Shamanic Ways and Practices 


These are a few of the ways and practices we engage in as shamans:

Practicing in the wilderness and elements during all seasons. Wearing feathered bird cloaks; drumming, singing, chanting and dancing. Asking for guidance and conjuring the manitous - the spirits - by intentionally connecting to the animal world and ancestors. Finding answers for self and others by doing regular fasts, vision quests and sacred ceremonies. Preparing a shaman's tent and using stones to build a thunderbird nest. Listening to the counsel of "The Old Ones" and then acting upon their guidance by following through with the direct insights we've gained.

Ancient shamanic ways encompass the wise knowledge we've gained by living in harmony with the natural world. The very teachings we learned thousands of years ago were inspired by manitous; the spirits of plants, animals, elements, the weather and seasons. Our ancestors collectively retained the natural wisdom we accessed within songs, stories, legends and myths. Ancient red ochre pictographs and birch bark scrolls helped us remember the things we needed to know to live smart - and be well.

Increasingly important today thunderbird medicine still exists within the deeper, mysterious aspects of our legends about animal manitou (spirit) helpers, our stories and ceremonies. When we realize the true value of the very things our ancestors left behind for us to find, pick up and utilize, we come to accept traditional shamanism is quite capable of assisting us greatly in our everyday lives.  

Traditional shamanism helps us to remember what matters the most: We're all Native to the Earth! Therefore, to help us find our way in life we are all entitled to seek vision on the land at sacred medicine sites to help us gain more emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellness. In seeing our true self from a much higher "bird's eye view" we recognize our whole world at once. This vision can help us to see if we are out of balance; and it can motivate us to improve/remedy our life situation.

Traditional shamanism is becoming ever more significant in today's fast and technological world. The healthy benefits of old shamanic ways are being recognized, embraced and utilized by people all over the world.