Tim Yearington Teacher, Speaker Storyteller, Author

  Presentations, Talks and Teachings 

"Our young men will marry your daughters and henceforth we shall become one people." - Samuel de Champlain, 1633. 

"My people will sleep for one hundred years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back." - Louis Riel, 1885. 

As a Métis-Algonquin storyteller and teacher I'm often asked to speak at community events and professional conferences. I also talk at schools, colleges, universities, churches, government agencies, institutions and organizations. I give presentations both inside and outside on the land by sharing traditional Métis-Algonquin knowledge about and including: 



Sacred Sites


Vision Quests

Medicine Ways

7 Grandfathers

Climate Change

Animal Manitous

Thunderbird Nests

Algonquin Knowledge

My Thunderbird Journey

The aim of my presentations and talks is to bring needed attention to the important matters of Algonquin knowledge and medicine ways. This traditional wisdom can help our fast-paced modern technological society understand Algonquin perspectives and realize Algonquin solutions. My presentations and talks give people a unique participatory chance to see the obvious human reality that, "We're all Native to the Earth." 

I also facilitate talking circles around all these subject matters as open discussions to help people gain a better understanding of our Algonquin Worldview and perspective. In these situations the learning experiences are far beyond educational; they become enlightening, empowering and rewarding for all participants.

My professional resume and references are available upon request. 

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