Medicine Walks & Vision Quests

"If you only have trees to view, you have many possessions."

-- Algonquin Proverb --

On my guided Medicine Walks you will learn spiritual teachings the land has taught us since the melting of the last Ice Age, or as we say,"Since time immemorial."  That's 14,000 years ago!

The Medicine Walks I provide are unique, experiential, land-based learning opportunities rooted in the ancient shamanism teachings of Algonquin Territory. Walks take you to experience old sacred sites, places of power and vision in the Madawaska Highlands region of Ontario, Canada. Many of the locations we visit have forest trails that I scouted out, designed and actually made with my own hands years ago. The reason I did this work was simple: We need to listen and learn from the Earth again.

Medicine Walks journey on the land to thunderbird nest sites in the wilderness. On my Medicine Walks you'll learn the spiritual nature of the thunderbird nest and what it's actual purpose is.  

I provide personal, one-on-one, guided Medicine Walks and also group Medicine Walks. My fees are determined by the nature of the journey and the number of people participating. Medicine Walks go out in all seasons of the year. Vision Quests are done in the Spring and/or the Autumn. 

I also offer shaman-assisted vision quests and also vision quest training to help you prepare. For this I require a modest "pay as you go" amount for my vision quest training. You are welcome to stop training at any point. The training I offer requires a fair commitment of your time. This is necessary so that we will be able to cover teachings and critical content in greater depth so your vision quest will be successful. Most of this training is done out on the land. But some teachings are done indoors or inside my healing lodge at my home. (That is if you live nearby.)

Bird Mountain in Ontario's Highlands is where we will go on the completion of your training. Visiting this wilderness area to do your vision quest is a fantastic way to gain spiritual guidance in addition to real, practical insights to apply to your personal life. The knowledge you gain will be used to assist your journey of inner healing, personal growth, change and transformation. 

If you are interested in a Medicine Walk or a Vision Quest and would like more information please contact me.