Medicine Wheel Book

THAT NATIVE THING: Exploring the Medicine Wheel

Written and illustrated in 2010 by Tim Yearington (Métis)

The medicine wheel is a compass - a human compass - that helps us find our way with the four directions of east, south, west and north. Symbolized by the colours yellow, red, black and white, the four directions hold "medicine" that teach us about the parts of our human being; our emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental realms.  By learning to balance our realms of being, we come to see that we, ourselves, are the seasoned guides we seek on the path of life during our "Earthwalk". 

At the centre of the medicine wheel we reach our inner power, potential and spirit; the very seeds of our will, volition and vision.  Then, rooted like a mighty pine equally in all four directions, we begin to grow and we ascend higher into an awareness of living with intentional wholeness.  Encompassing the beautiful, traditional wisdom of Métis-Algonquin philosophy, the medicine wheel is a tried and true circle that teaches balance and makes harmony meaningful. It teaches us how to create our lives naturally inspired by peace. 

In the same way we use a compass to help us find our way around the outside world, the medicine wheel helps us find our way around the inside world; the wonderful, wild and vibrant realm of our consciousness.  Explore the nature of your own four directions guided by the medicine wheel.  In seeing the true colours of your own spirit, you'll be able to use the good medicine ever-present within you to enhance your world.

146 pages with full colour illustrations, only $20.

To order please Contact Tim Yearington directly. 

Or contact Borealis Press in Ottawa, Canada 

ISBN 978-0-88887-411-5