Guided Medicine Walks

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The medicine walks I guide out on the land are experiences rooted in Métis-Algonquin worldview and the wisdom of the spirits of Nature all around us. My tours can also bring you to sacred medicine sites and traditional places of power such as the thunderbird nest. Here you can explore and learn about the true spiritual purpose of the thunderbird nest.

A medicine walk out on the land is a wonderful way to learn about traditional Indigenous worldview and nature-based spiritual teachings that you can to apply to your personal world. The "good medicine" and knowledge you will gain can be used to help you upon your own personal journey of learning, healing, growth, change and transformation. 

I guide one-on-one medicine walks and also group walks. My fee is determined by the nature of the journey and the number of people participating. An average level of health is required. My tours venture outside on the land all seasons of the year. 

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