Medicine Walks

The Medicine Walks I provide are unique, experiential, land-based learning opportunities rooted in the wise spiritual teachings of Algonquin Territory. Walks take you to experience ancient sacred sites, medicine places of power and vision quest areas in the Madawaska Highlands of Ontario. All the locations we visit are accessed by the forest trails I actually scouted out, designed and made with my own hands many years ago. The reason I did this work was simple: We need to re-connect with the Earth again. To help us be truly well we need to listen and learn from the Spirits of the Earth.

Medicine Walks journey on the land to stone thunderbird nest sites in the wilderness. On these walks you'll learn about the nature of the thunderbird nest and what it's actual spiritual purpose is. I provide personally guided one-on-one walks and also group walks. My fees are determined by the nature of the journey and the number of people participating. Medicine Walks venture outside on the land during all seasons of the year. Dress for the day!

Going to Bird Mountain, Eagle's Nest or Manitou Mountain on a Medicine Walk is a fantastic way to gain healthy spiritual guidance in addition to real, practical insights to apply directly to your personal life and world. The good medicine and inspirational knowledge you will attain can then be used to assist you on your own path of inner healing, personal growth, change and transformation. 

Interested in a doing a Medicine Walk? For more information contact me.