Grey Thunderbird Man

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My spirit name is Grey Thunderbird Man. As a traditional person I'm simply a spiritual helper, guide, teacher and ceremonialist. I help people to find and use the great, natural, power of their inner spirit. I help people believe in their own spirit in order to heal, get better and move on. Healing is a journey. Often I take people on outdoor journeys to the actual thunderbird nests I utilize myself in nature. Here I do personal healing work with people by embracing the medicine ways I have learned and the ceremonies I carry. I share traditional teachings on outdoor medicine walks, I conduct personal sweat lodges for healing and I lead vision quests for spiritual guidance. 

From my life experience of utilizing spiritual knowledge upon my own path I have come to know that healing is best accomplished when we follow the wise guidance of traditional teachings, medicine ways and ceremonies. As a thunderbird medicine man the purpose of my work is to enlighten and empower people. I help people attain personal power to help transform their being into something different, something better. I help people heal by removing toxic serpents (negative emotions and beliefs) in order to help improve their earthly reality. I teach people how to shed their restrictive skin, shapeshift and change. 

The thunderbird practices I share and the healing ceremonies I do are all about helping people embrace the "Great Bird" we all have within us. You'll utilize the natural lightning and thunder within you - the power of your own spirit - to create personal balance, healing, well-being, happiness and peace in your life.

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