Grey Thunderbird Man

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My spirit name is Grey Thunderbird Man. I am M├ętis. As a traditional thunderbird I'm simply a spiritual helper, teacher and guide. I bring people to see the actual thunderbird nests I utilize myself in the wilderness. At these sites I share traditional knowledge through teachings and storytelling. 

In addition to guiding tours, I do healing work with people by embracing the thunderbird medicine ways I have learned and the ceremonies I carry. I conduct the sweat lodge for cleansing and I guide personal vision quests for spiritual guidance atop Thunderbird Mountain. I help people to believe in their spirit in order to heal, get better, grow and move on.

With the aid of Thunderbird Mountain, my role is to help people the remember the "Great Bird" within them selves. With me you'll learn to embrace the natural lightning and thunder within you - the power of your own spirit - to create balance, well-being, happiness and peace in your life. Healing is a journey.   

From my own journey I have come to know that wellness is best accomplished when we follow the wise guidance of traditional teachings, medicine ways and ceremonies. My role as a thunderbird is just to help enlighten and empower you. I help you gain personal power to transform your being into something better and healthier. I assist by removing those toxic serpents - negative emotions and ill beliefs - to help you improve your earthly reality. I teach you how to shed your old, restrictive skin so you can grow, shapeshift and change. 

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