Bird Shaman Ways For Today

"When the first thunderbirds came to Earth there were no trees. All they found was stone. So, they used what they had. In their talons they picked up rocks and carried them to the high places where they built great stone nests. From there they saw their whole World around them."  

My spirit name is Grey Thunderbird. As a thunderbird I'm a shaman and spiritual teacher. I strive to help people learn how traditional knowledge can empower us with our  healing and growth as humans. Simply as your helper and guide, I bring you to powerful medicine places in nature. Here you'll learn traditional Algonquin knowledge and old shamanic ways with the potential to help you tremendously with personal healing, change and life transformation.

A thunderbird is essentially a bird shaman; a helper who empowers people to learn, heal and grow in a more spiritual way in order to positively improve their own emotional earthly reality. Thunderbirds (bird shamans) do spiritual vision quests atop high places on the land to get guidance and answers from ancestor spirits and the Spirits of Nature. Such high places are important to us because they allow us to see from a bird's eye view; our life from a higher perspective. 

Thunderbirds build and utilize stone nests - places of vision - in the wilderness. Here we practice bird shaman ways with the assistance of a variety of spirits to guide our human reality. But Christianity nearly eliminated our thunderbirds, our shamans. Today's thunderbirds are inspired helpers and guides that encourage people by sharing the shamanic healing and medicine ways of our ancestors. Our hope is to aid and inspire people; to give them the personal power to transform their own earthly reality into something better. 

Thunderbird teachings and medicine ways are about helping people through personal storms. With me you'll learn how to find and actually use the good medicine of the natural thunder within you - the power of your own spirit - to bring healing, balance, happiness, personal peace and overall well-being into your world. The practices I provide in my work will help you upon your own journey of personal learning, growth, healing and transformation.

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