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Tim Yearington is a citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) and is a mixed-blood man of Métis, Algonquin, Huron, French-Canadian and Irish ancestry. His ancestors are from the Kitchizibi (Great River) region which today is known as the Ottawa River Valley. Initially a Métis artist and wilderness guide, he eventually grew into being a traditional knowledge keeper, educator and public speaker. Today as a thunderbird - a spiritual helper - Tim is a shaman, storyteller, writer, author and artist. He is the author/illustrator of two enlightening books that share Kitchizibi Métis traditional worldview and Algonquin spiritual knowledge. (See below)

As an adoptee struggling with the crushing life challenges of "identity loss" and perpetually pining for peace, Tim realized he needed to find his lost Native roots. Guided by the spirits of his ancestors, he learned the teachings of the manitous (spirits), the four directions and the powerful medicine of the thunderbirds. Encouraged by all this he followed his personal vision and blazed a teaching trail that lead to sharing the hybrid nature of Métis spiritual knowledge with others seeking to know their identity too. As a result, Tim worked for two years with Correctional Service Canada (Millhaven Maximum Security Prison) as an Elder and Spiritual Advisor. Then he worked at Queen's University as an Elder and Knowledge Keeper within the Office of Indigenous Initiatives and as an Indigenous Curricular Innovator within the Faculty of Health Sciences. Tim also worked as a cultural advisor/elder for Indigenous students from all across Canada at the Royal Military College in Kingston.  

Tim's first book That Native Thing: Exploring the Medicine Wheel was published in 2010 by Borealis Press in Ottawa. Illustrated by his artwork this book has helped many people learn how to utilize a more circular, wholistic way to wellness by embracing Métis and Algonquin teachings. Tim's second book Quest for the Thunderbird Nest - Returning to Algonquin Spirituality was also published by Borealis Press in 2019. This true life story details Tim's own healing journey with the medicine and guidance of the thunderbirds and shares how he became a shaman, a spiritual helper, guide and teacher today. It is a must read about the practices and beliefs of traditional bird shamanism.

Tim uses his rock-solid foundation of traditional shamanism knowledge to assist everyone. He helps people find direction in life through shamanism practices, teachings and training outdoors in nature. Tim passionately creates awareness about shamanism and medicine ways for wellness through his guided thunderbird nest journeys, presentations, storytelling and author visits.

Tim has seasoned experience working with people from around the world. He has taught educators, professors, teachers and students alike. He often speaks at schools, colleges and universities. He has taught Métis and Algonquin traditional knowledge to counsellors, social workers, psychologists, therapists, mental health workers, doctors, nurses and health care providers.

An enlightening presenter about the hybrid nature of Métis traditional knowledge, Tim is a powerful educator and public speaker. He currently resides in Kingston, Ontario, but travels to work and spend time in the Madawaska Highlands and also his home Kitchizibi region of the Ottawa and Mattawa rivers. Journeys begin where spirits meet.

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