Vision Quests for Personal Direction

"When the thunderbirds first came to earth there weren't any trees. So they used big rocks and made great stone nests in the mountains. From their nests they could see their whole, entire world all around them." 

In our modern age today people sometimes have a hard time knowing  who they are, finding their way and seeing what they're alive to do. A vision quest is a very self-empowering experience for those struggling with emotional challenges such as apathy, hopelessness, depression, anxiety and grief. Feeling lost in life about where to go or what to do next is overwhelming and limits our natural ability to see our true path. 

A vision quest is an ancient human practice that helps us find answers, guidance and direction in our life. Sometimes when we are feeling lost we simply need to focus on what really matters most - finding our way! Learning how to have or see your vision and gain life direction is often done at a remote, wilderness 'place of vision' called a thunderbird nest. 


Once I had to find and learn how to utilize a thunderbird nest myself; to help me grow spiritually so I could become better emotionally in my life. As I became better emotionally, I  became much healthier mentally too. With a strong mind I knew what I had to do realistically here on earth.  My own vision quest helped me learn more about the thunderbird nest. It was challenging but you can learn about it by reading Tim's Path.

As a knowledge keeper of thunderbird medicine ways, my purpose is to teach you about these sacred and important things. Once a person has seen their vision (direction/purpose/goal), they use their vision to stay mentally strong and focused in order to make their vision into a reality. 

We actually cannot make/create something unless we first see it. Once we do, we simply follow our vision to make it a living reality. Along the path of life we stay focused on our vision. By following the guidance our vision has gifted to us we make empowered choices to improve our life.

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