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Tim Yearington was born in Toronto in 1965. Adopted as a baby he grew up in North Bay, Ontario. Tim is a Métis (mixed-blood) man of Algonquin/French ancestry on his birth father’s side and Mohawk/Irish ancestry on his birth mother’s side. As a youth Tim spent much outdoor time in the wilderness with his family on camping and fishing trips. As a young man he quite enjoyed spending time "in the bush." He loved exploring the wilderness on foot, upon snowshoes, and by canoe. As a man he still does.

After high school Tim studied at Sheridan College in Toronto to become a professional illustrator. After graduating he moved to Ottawa and began working in the advertising, publishing and graphic design industry. During this time Tim decided to go to South America and completed a four month mountain bike tour in Argentina and Chile. He crossed the Andes mountains twice on his bicycle. Upon his return to Canada Tim soon got married and chose to become a self-employed, freelance illustrator. Tim then started his career as an advertising, editorial and magazine illustrator in Ottawa which he quite enjoyed for over 20 years.

While enduring a series of personal challenges Tim was called to face and embrace his lost  Native roots and culture. Guided by the spirit of a Grandmother, Tim discovered the old stones of a medicine wheel. Encouraged by its teachings, he followed his inner compass to earn a living as a wilderness adventure guide. It was at this time in his life Tim started to follow the teachings of the lost Medicine Trail to help him grow and find himself.

While working as a guide to bring people on canoeing, hiking and snowshoeing adventures Tim saw that many people were lost – just like he had been – and he decided to set out upon a new trail to share the teachings he was learning to use. His first book, That Native Thing – Exploring the Medicine Wheel was published by Borealis Press in Ottawa in 2010. Illustrated by his own artwork, Tim’s inspirational book has helped many people learn how to use Algonquin knowledge and embrace Native teachings to help themselves in their own lives.

A few years later Tim began having a recurring vision about a Thunderbird and a mysterious mountain out in the wilderness. He met with elders and medicine people about his vision and with their guidance set out upon a quest to find the mountain. Upon the completion of his quest, Tim gained insight into his true nature and purpose. It soon became clear to him that his own trail in life is to help others learn how to use Thunderbird knowledge and the teachings he's applied to his own life. All he has learned is now what he enjoys sharing with others today.

Tim is a member of the Kingston Aboriginal community. He is recognized as a Knowledge Keeper and spiritual advisor due to carrying a bundle of Algonquin teachings and Thunderbird Nest medicine ways. Tim also works as an elder and spiritual advisor with the Correctional Service of Canada in Kingston, Ontario.

Tim uses his rock-solid Algonquin knowledge base to empower people and help them create well-being within their own lives. He shares traditional Thunderbird Medicine teachings through public speaking, presentations and storytelling. He also guides medicine walks on the land and helps people do vision quests. Tim shares his KitchiZibi knowledge, teachings and Thunderbird Medicine ways with schools, universities, churches, companies and government organizations in Ontario and across Canada.

In addition to being a teacher of Thunderbird Nest knowledge, Tim is a visual artist, an enlightening writer, a stirring storyteller and a passionate public speaker. He lives in Kingston, Ontario.

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