Mental Health and Vision Quests

"When the thunderbirds first came to earth there weren't any trees. So they used big rocks and made great stone nests in the highlands. From their nests they could see their whole, entire world all around them." 

Due to technology, some of today's youth have a hard time knowing  who they are, finding their way and seeing what they're alive to do. A vision quest can be a self-empowering experience for those struggling with emotional challenges such as apathy, depression and anxiety. It is a way to find answers and see simple, down to earth solutions for life.

A vision quest is an ancient human practice that helps us find answers, guidance and direction in our life. Sometimes when we are feeling lost in life we need to focus on what really matters most - finding our way! Learning how to have, or see, a vision and find life direction was often completed at a traditional, sacred location called a 'thunderbird nest'. 

Doing a vision quest is a way to tap into the good medicine of the world all around us and also the world inside us; the world of our own spirit.

Your spirit matters!

Finding your way with your own spirit requires the desire to seek your personal vision. The journey begins by going out on the land to learn to embrace the wilderness world in a natural way. Learning how to see with new eyes - to know new things - is an important place to start.

Seeking your vision by doing a vision quest is the activity that will help you receive guidance and direction from the natural world and also the manitous (spirits) of the wilderness around you. Upon your vision quest a ceremony is done to help you 'call in' the spirits to help you see what you need to see to guide you. Upon your quest you are to stay in one place; the sacred nest you prepare, make and mark for yourself. While on your quest, you won't have food or water for four days and nights. But your helper, or elder, will check on you to make sure you're safe. After your vision comes, your helper/elder will help you interpret it.   

Once I had to find and learn how to utilize a thunderbird nest myself; to help me grow spiritually so I could become better emotionally in my life. My own vision quest helped me learn more about the thunderbird nest. It was challenging but you can learn about it by reading My Story.


As a knowledge keeper of thunderbird medicine ways, my purpose is to teach you about these sacred and important things. Once a person has seen their vision (direction/purpose/goal), they use their vision to stay mentally strong and focused in order to bring their vision into reality. 

We actually cannot make/create something unless we first see it. Once we do, we simply follow our path to make our vision a reality. Along the way we stay focused on our vision. We make wise choices by following the clarity our vision has gifted to us. Otherwise nothing changes.

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