Old KitchiZibi Ways

In the Algonquin language, the word KitchiZibi means "Great River." This great river has become known as the Ottawa River in Canada.

As a descendant of the KitchiZibi, the Thunderbird Medicine healing knowledge I practice is from my KitchiZibi Algonquin ancestors who've been present here since the time of the last ice age 10,000 years ago. These "Old KitchiZibi Ways" are still available for us to learn and use. 


The KitchiZibi is my ancestral territory from Mattawa to Ottawa Canada. Today the KitchiZibi is known as the Ottawa River Valley. In our way of knowing, this is where our 'Good Medicine' began from just four things; the Sun (fire), the Rock (earth), the River (water) and the Sky (air). As these four elements mixed together, the Spirit of Life was created. The first beings to be created with this life were the Thunderbirds. Emerging majestically from the great waters, the Thunderbirds resided in the Sky World. They became spiritual helpers of the Creator on Mother Earth. 

The Thunderbirds used large stones to make their great nests atop the highest places on the land. These nests became sacred places because they contained big medicine. The Thunderbirds created thunderstorms with awesome power, lightning and electricity; the same electricity we have within our brains - creating our consciousness - to this very day.

In addition to counselling and teaching Thunderbird Medicine I speak at events, gatherings and professional conferences. I present to schools, colleges, universities, organizations, agencies and churchesI do talks, presentations and storytelling sessions to share about the following:


Thunder Stones

Thunderbird Eggs

Seven Grandfathers

The Thunderbird Nest

Sacred Places of Power

Ancestors and Manitous

Thunderbird Medicine Men

KitchiZibi Thunderbird Tales

The purpose of my work is to bring attention to the benefical values of Thunderbird Medicine ways, knowledge and teachings. This wisdom can help our modern society learn to how explore and embrace Indigenous perspectives and solutions. These teachings help us to be conscious and considerate of the fact, "We're all Native to the Earth." My work aims to encourage people to see, remember and become who they truly are.