Good Words about Tim's Work:

" Hi Tim, Yesterday I ran another circle in my class and asked the students a few more specific questions about your presentation. The students LOVED the presentation!!! All of the kids who tried the smudge thought it was the best thing they'd ever done. The overall consensus was so strong that I'd love to have you back. They all really connected to the medicine wheel teachings and they most connected with the idea of the tree and having roots to themselves.
Thank you so much for coming and developing a presentation that connects to teenagers so well."
Caitlin Villeneuve, Teacher
Mother Theresa High School, Ottawa


"It is with our First Walk program that Tim Yearington has been an invaluable and treasured source of Algonquin cultural teachings. First Walk is a First Nations awareness program for students from JK to grade 12. This program is founded on the seven Grandfather Teachings and celebrates Algonquin culture as well as the multi-cultural heritages of all students. Tim Yearington is an incredibly gifted teacher and a compelling, yet gentle, storyteller who captivates undivided and rapt attention of both students and adults alike. Over the years, Tim has unselfishly gifted our North Bay/Mattawa Algonquin First Nation community with his generous spirit and his accurate and inexhaustible knowledge of the Anishinaabeg people. Tim’s communication skills are exceptional and his visionary, creative imagination is both enthusiastically inspiring and innovative.  It has always been both an honour and a valuable learning experience to work with Tim Yearington, and I look forward to our future projects."

Elisa C. Guilbeault

North Bay/Mattawa Algonquin First Nation

"I want to thank you for the wonderful Medicine Wheel Art workshop you brought to us at Ottawa Salus Community Mental Health Services. Your traditional teachings combined with the creative art process has really opened up new doors for our clients. People were able to consciously explore the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects of themselves, which was a welcome thing for folks who are living in a system so focused on a medical model. This workshop helped people to make meaningful connections for themselves and their health and sense of well-being. People have also expressed to me that they really liked your gentle, attentive way. They all felt very comfortable around you. I was struck by your ability to intuitively tap into what people were personally struggling with. I saw lightbulbs going on for them with the teachings, wisdom and insights you shared. Thank you so much for this important experience. Clients are already asking for part two!"

Shannon Parsons, Community Developer
Ottawa Salus Community Mental Health Services


"Tim, I can't tell you how glad I am that you've written THAT NATIVE THING Exploring the Medicine Wheel. For the very first time I'm beginning to understand the medicine wheel and why the teachings can apply to everyone. I'm very drawn to aboriginal spirituality and feel that's where I belong. I love the concept of the Circle and All Our Relations! I never really understood all that the medicine wheel means. What you've done - and here I speak as a retired teacher! - is to explain it in a way that most of us can understand . I'm not Aboriginal, so what you've done is to offer a gift to us all.  Thank you , Chi miigwech. May we all learn and grow together."

Alma Norman, Elder (93 years old), Ottawa

Retired School Teacher


"I had the pleasure of participating in a Medicine Wheel training course offered by Tim. He is an amazing teacher and storyteller. He is so authentic and lives what he teaches; this was so refreshing. He openly shared his wisdom and knowledge and generously gave so much of his time. Prior to meeting Tim I read his book so eloquently authored, That Native Thing: Exploring the Medicine Wheel. Upon making his acquaintance it was clear to me that Tim had spent a significant amount of time living, breathing and coming to embody the teachings he now chooses to pass on to benefit others and the community as a whole.The program Tim has crafted is incredibly rich including a perfect balance of Native traditions, approaches and valuable time spent right out on the land learning how to apply the wisdom of the Medicine wheel.

Tim's commitment to the teachings is exemplified in the many tools he has so beautifully crafted and uses in his teachings. He is a hands on teacher who is able to meet the needs of all different types of learners; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. From listening to his stories, being visually stimulated by the tools he uses or moving the body out on the land, Tim's approach offers something for everyone.

I found Tim's teachings to be a perfectly harmonious blend of Native spirituality and Western psychology. I came home from this training and immediately began to apply the principles to my own life and to my work as a teacher, counsellor and traditional healing practitioner.

In my capacity as a professor with the School of Aboriginal Studies at the Georgian College / Laurentian campus in Barrie Ontario, I now integrate Tim's teachings into my classroom work. Much of my work here focuses on making the curriculum applicable for the students who will return to their communities as Mental health care professionals and healers. This material will be of great value to them as they endeavour to meet the needs of those they serve.

Tim is a wise and generous teacher, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him and look forward to learning more from him in the future."

Leah Bergstrome, B.A., Psych, Native Studies D.S.W., CYT Professor, School of Aboriginal Studies, Georgian College/Laurentian campus, Barrie ON