Tim Yearington Teacher, Author and Storyteller

 Classroom Visits: Ideas for Teachers


This is a contents list of Métis-Algonquin stories/legends I share orally. Knowing the theme or 'the teaching' within a story helps teachers bring authentic "Indigenous Voices", through traditional storytelling, directly into their classrooms. Most of these stories are told with visual aids: 

Algonquin "Turtle Island" Creation Myth

Algonquin "First Three Worlds of Creation" Myth   

Woodpecker's Quest (teachings about the Four Directions)

The Turtle, Otter and the Loon (teachings about bullying)

The Snakes and the Rabbits (teachings about self-control)

The Eagle, Moose and Thunderbird (personal transformation) 

Algonquin Myth of The Bear Walker (bad medicine/negativity)  

Watcher of the Mountain of Gifts (personal responsibility)

The Lost Thunderbird Nest (personal empowerment)  

The Thunderbirds and the Serpents (need for equality)

The Path of Running Deer (personal transformation)

The Monster of Hell's Gate (Mattawa River Voyageur Tale)

The Loup-Garou/Werewolf (Ottawa River Voyageur Tale) 

The Wendigo (teachings about human greed and want)

Animal Manitos/Spirits (helpers from the natural world)

Dreams and Visions (guidance from the Spiritual Realm)

In addition to this list of stories, legends and tales I also provide talking circles around all of these subjects as open discussions to help students gain a better understanding of the Indigenous Worldview/perspective. In these situations the classroom experiences are not just educational; they are enlightening and empowering for students and teachers alike.