Tim Yearington Biography

Tim Yearington is a Métis person of French-Canadian-Voyageur and Algonquin ancestry. His ancestors are from the Kitchizibi (Great River) territory which today is the Ottawa River Valley. Tim is a knowledge keeper, thunderbird medicine carrier, counsellor, teacher, storyteller, artist, writer and a published author.

Tim attended Sheridan College in Toronto to study illustration. After graduating he moved to Ottawa and started working in the graphic design and advertising industry. A few years later he decided to try working for himself and became a professional freelance illustrator.

While experiencing personal challenges, Tim realized he needed to find his lost Native roots. Guided by the spirits of his ancestors, he learned about the teachings of the manitous, the medicine wheel and the power of the thunderbirds. Encouraged by this he followed his spiritual vision and blazed the trail of teaching Métis-Algonquin knowledge to others.

Tim's book That Native Thing: Exploring the Medicine Wheel was published in 2010 by Borealis Press in Ottawa. Illustrated by his artwork this book has helped many people learn how to utilize a more circular, wholistic way to wellness by embracing Indigenous teachings. Tim's second book Quest for the Thunderbird Nest, the true story of his shamanism journey, will also be published by Borealis Press in 2018. 

Tim uses his rock-solid foundation of Algonquin knowledge to empower people and help them create well-being within their lives by learning the Medicine Wheel way. He also shares Thunderbird teachings through empowering presentations, storytelling and speaking engagements.

Tim has over 10 years experience working with educators, teachers and students. He has given presentations at colleges and universities. He has taught Indigenous ‘medicine ways’ to counsellors, social workers, psychologists, mental health workers and health care providers.

Tim is an talented teacher, an enlightening writer, a stirring storyteller, a powerful public speaker and a compassionate counsellor. He resides in Kingston, Ontario, but spends time in his Kitchizibi home territory on  the Ottawa River and in Northern Ontario too. 

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