Tim Yearington Teacher, Author and Storyteller

    Greetings from The Great River!


I am a Métis knowledge keeper. I am a Voyageur descendant of the Kitchizibi. Kitchizibi means, "Great River". Today it is known as the Ottawa River. My ancestors lived at Fort William, Quebec just downriver from a sacred site called Oiseau (Bird) Rock also known as Thunderbird Rock. It is an Algonquin medicine place of power because the Thunderbird makes its great nest here:

As Métis knowledge keeper I share the traditional teachings and tales from both my Algonquin and my Voyageur ancestors. I teach people the cultural practices from my ancestral territory such as the Métis Way of Life, the Four Directions and also the Thunderbird. Métis, Voyageur and Algonquin teachings help us navigate the River of Life and guide us on our learning journey.

Please contact me with specific questions or needs. I provide the following services for groups, schools and organizations:


Art Workshops

Métis Teachings

Canoe Teachings

Legend Storytelling

Algonquin Knowledge

The Seven Grandfathers

The Medicine Wheel Way

Thunderbird Nest Teachings

Vision Quests for Mental Health