Thunderbird Medicine Ways

I am an Algonquin descendant of the KitchiZibi or Great River. Today the KitchiZibi is known today as the Ottawa River Valley. My ancestors have been here since the time of the last ice-age. Pinesi-Asin or Thunderbird Rock on the KitchiZibi is a medicine place of power because the Thunderbird makes it's nest here.

As a KitchiZibi Algonquin knowledge keeper I share medicine ways and teachings about the Thunderbird. These powerful teachings are focused on using lightning (enlightenment) and thunder (empowerment) in a spiritual and medicinal manner. Thunderbird medicine helps us face and navigate through our personal storms and guides us upon our healing journey in life.

It's hard to learn about Thunderbird medicine from a website because it's really realized by participating outside on the land. Please contact me with any of your specific questions or needs. I provide the following for individuals or groups:



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Thunderbird Medicine

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